You will be able to play PUBG for free on PC and console from January 12, register like this

In the year 2017, when PUBG entered the gaming world, no one thought that this game would be covered as soon as it came. Crafton, who made it, offered to experience the battle royale game on the computer platform for Rs 1499. People took it hand in hand and are playing with interest till date. There is big news for the users playing this game on the computer platform i.e. those who play PUBG PC. Crafton’s creative director has confirmed that PUBG will soon be free-to-play. The game will switch to a “Free to Play” (F2P) model from 12 January 2022 on PC as well as consoles.

According to creative director Dave Curd, PUBG will now be free-to-play for PC. The game is said to be free-to-play from 12 January 2022. For this pre-registration (click) has started. Most things in the game will be free, but some things, including rank matchmaking, will have to be paid for.

Ranked matchmaking and other things can be unlocked by paying Rs 982. This fee will be an account upgrade for the game, after which players will be able to unlock custom match modes, special in-game items, and other features in the game.

Some reports say that PUBG was once one of the most popular games, with over 75 million copies sold. Now PUBG is losing its grip on its players and to get it back, Crafton has decided to make PUBG free-to-play. It is worth noting that the mobile version of PUBG can be played for free and now PUBG PC and PUBG console are also seen following the same footsteps.

PUBG: New State has been launched on mobile, which has also received the December update. The December update of PUBG: New State brings players new weapons, vehicles and Survivor Pass Volume 2.

In September last year, the Indian government had banned 118 apps, including PUBG Mobile, citing national security. Although this game can be played on PC and console. With this game being made free on PC and console, a large number of Indian users are expected to join it.