Would life be possible on Venus? Scientists have high hopes from this research

The possibility of life on planets other than Earth has long attracted the attention of scientists. However, even after most of the efforts, scientists are unable to say that there is life outside the earth as well. Scientists have started many missions from the Moon to Mars to uncover the mysteries. One of the most difficult planets in our solar system, Venus has also attracted scientists. The atmosphere of Venus is filled with carbon dioxide. Its surface is so hot that even lead will melt. This proves that it is impossible for life to survive on this planet.

However, researchers from Cardiff University, Cardiff University in Wales, caused a stir last year by discovering sources of phosphine phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. He claimed that the discovery of this naturally occurring gas from the breakdown of organic matter on Earth on Venus could be a sign of life there. But others have questioned this. They say that the clouds of Venus are covering it in droplets of sulfuric acid. These drops can burn human skin.

Despite this, Venus has been the most reliable planet in the search for life outside Earth. Now a new study by MIT scientists has said that these clouds can live there. The study claims that ammonia present in the atmosphere of Venus can neutralize sulfuric acid on this planet. Scientists have observed anomalies in the atmosphere of Venus many times. The most surprising thing in this is the presence of ammonia. It was discovered on Venus in the 1970s. However, the reason for its existence there is not yet known.

Scientists at MIT say that ammonia can do a chemical reaction. It can replace the clouds of Venus. Scientists have predicted from their model that the clouds are not entirely composed of sulfuric acid. In a paper published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers concluded that “life can create its own atmosphere on Venus.”

These findings of the researchers are thrilling. However, their confirmation will be possible only if it is thoroughly investigated. The good news is that NASA NASA and ESA ESA are planning to do so in the coming years.

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