WhatsApp launches digital payments festival, UPI payments will get a boost in villages

Messaging service WhatsApp has adopted around 500 villages in Maharashtra and Karnataka as part of its plan to promote digital payments in the country. Payments based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI) can be done through WhatsApp. The company has announced the launch of the digital payments festival at its Fuel for India 2021 annual event. Its goal is to connect the next 500 million users with the digital payments ecosystem.

WhatsApp said that the trial of the digital payments festival began on October 15. The company partnered with 1Bridge to contact residents of Kyathanihalli village in Mandya district of Karnataka. The company said the villagers were taught how to sign up for UPI and create an account. Along with this, they were also informed about being cautious during UPI payments. WhatsApp said that the digital payments festival has received a good response. Grocery shops, poultry shops and other small businesses are taking interest in WhatsApp’s payments service. This has also increased the convenience of transactions in the villages.

WhatsApp recently updated its chat application with a new symbol to make the payments service easier to use. With this people signing up for this service will be able to send and receive funds easily in the app. This icon will be visible to all users, whether they are using the UPI feature or not. Earlier, WhatsApp updated the app with Quick Response (QR) codes to make payments easier in stores. This feature is also supported on apps like Google Pay.

WhatsApp also announced a partnership with cab services company Uber last month. Under this, the ride book of Uber in the country can be booked through WhatsApp. You don’t need to download or use the Uber app to book a ride. This is Uber’s first partnership with WhatsApp of its kind worldwide. In this, everything from user registration to booking a ride will be done inside the WhatsApp chat interface.

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