What will happen to Apple Car? Three more engineers left the project!

Apple’s Apple Car project has been in the news for almost a year. The project has seen many ups and downs since its inception. A few days ago some engineers working on this car project had left the company to join a startup. According to a report, now three more engineers have reportedly left the company. The report says that Eric Rogers, the head of Apple Car’s radar systems, has left Apple to join Joby Aviation Inc., a flying-taxi startup. Along with him, Alex Clarabut and Stephen Spitteri, who were associated with the Apple Car project, have also left the company. Both these engineers have also joined Joby Aviation Inc.

There have been many leaks, rumors and speculations about the Apple Car in the past year. In these, disclosures related to the features of the car have been made. Although the company has not officially confirmed the existence of the project. By the way, the company’s CEO Tim Cook had given some hints while talking about autonomous devices during an interview earlier this year.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple recently lost three more engineers from its autonomous car project. Those reportedly leaving the company include Eric Rogers, Alex Clarabut and Stephen Spitteri. Of these, Eric Rogers was the head of the project’s radar team. Alex Clarabut is said to have worked on car batteries. At the same time, Stephen Spiteri was associated with this project as a hardware engineering manager. Apple declined to comment on the development.

Ever since news broke in the tech industry that Apple is also working on a self-driving electric car, everyone wants more information about it. No official announcement has been made about this car of Apple, but information about the roadmap of the car was revealed in the past.

In another Bloomberg report, sources were quoted as saying that Apple’s upcoming car will be an electric vehicle, which will be equipped with a fully autonomous self-driving feature. It will debut in the year 2025. It was told in the report that Kevin Lynch is heading the Apple car project and its name is called Project Titan. It is claimed that this car will neither have pedals nor steering. It will be a fully automated self-driving car.

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