Vi The benefits of Rs 49 plan reduced, now only these benefits will be available…

Like the famous Rs 49 plan of Airtel Telecom Company, Vi also comes with a plan of Rs 49. However, there has been a lot of turmoil in the plans of the telecom industry for some time now. Companies have discontinued some plans, and have increased the prices of some plans. At the same time, the benefits of plans whose prices have not been increased have been cut. Airtel has discontinued its affordable recharge plan of Rs 49 some time back. Now to get such benefits, Airtel customers have to do a recharge of at least Rs 99.

Unlike Airtel, Vi company has not discontinued its Rs 49 plan, but has definitely reduced the benefits available under it. Let’s know how much has changed already, Vi’s affordable recharge plan of Rs 49.

The Rs 49 combo pack of Vi is equipped with many benefits. However, the only change is that all the benefits provided earlier under this plan have been cut in today’s time. Earlier this plan used to come with a validity of 28 days, but now the validity of this plan has been reduced to only 10 days.

Apart from this, under the first plan, earlier the company used to provide 300MB data to the customers, but now after activating this plan, customers will be able to access only 100MB data. However, in this plan earlier also, customers used to get talk-time of Rs 38 for calling, which is still intact. Now users can still use talk-time of Rs 38 under this plan, in which 2.5 paise per second is charged.

Apart from all this, this plan does not offer SMS facility.