Users of this crypto exchange suddenly became billionaires, the website said “mistake made!”

The news of hacking is read every day and this time the news of a hacking has created an earthquake in the cryptocurrency market. Indeed, a strange incident left the followers of cryptocurrency website CoinMarketCap puzzled. The incident happened on Tuesday, December 14, when, as the day turned day, CoinMarketCap suddenly started showing false prices of Bitcoin, Ether and many altcoins. Not only this, many unknown cryptocurrencies also started appearing in the list of Top 10 crypto coins on the website. What was it then, the matter came to Twitter and after that it turned into a trending topic. People pulled CoinMarketCap’s leg regarding this incident, while some even expressed the possibility of the website being hacked.

On the evening of December 14, the CoinMarket Cap website suddenly showed the price of bitcoin at $789,432,690,634 (approximately Rs 60,05,056 crore), while the price of Ether per token stood at $38,884,629,258 (approximately Rs 2,95,787 crore). appeared in

Sora and Hex coins suddenly found a place in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

Soon after, followers of CoinMarketCap started posting memes on Twitter of becoming a “millionaire”. Many users also suspected that the website was hacked. As of yesterday, several other hashtags were trending on Twitter including #CoinMarketCap, #CoinMarketCapGlitch, and #CoinMarketCapHacked.

The crypto website clarified the situation on Twitter in such a way that it was not digested by many users.

In a now-deleted tweet, CoinMarketCap acknowledged the issue.

The tweet read (translated), “Our website is currently experiencing some pricing issues. Engineering Team [वेबसाइट] Be aware of incorrect price information being displayed on We are currently investigating and will update this status as we get more information.”

However, it is not yet known why the post was removed from Twitter.

Following this, the platform informed users that the problem has been fixed. However, no statement was made regarding the hacking.

Meanwhile, the fear of hack attacks among crypto users is increasing day by day.

Let us tell you that a report available on DarkWebLink has revealed that $10.52 billion (about Rs 79,194 crore) has been blown through cryptocurrency related crimes in 2020.