To use smart features in Toyota cars, you will have to pay, know what is the new subscription service

Automobile maker Toyota is planning to launch a special subscription service for its car users, after which users will have to take a monthly subscription to use certain smart features in their Toyota cars. It includes a remote car start feature. In this service, users will get the option to start their car remotely with the help of a key.

As reported by The Verge, Toyota will offer Smart Connect features to customers as an option with its new cars. Customers will be able to take this service as a monthly subscription. Those who are willing to use the Smart Connect feature can take this service and those who do not need it can buy a new car without this service.

As we mentioned, it includes the Remote Connect feature, which will allow users to remotely start their cars directly via the key fob. The report says that at present, the company is offering a free trial of the remote control. However, the duration of this trial depends on the audio package included with the vehicle. Currently, there are only a few Toyota models that support the Audio Plus or Premium Audio package. Customers who purchase these models will be able to access the free trial.

Subscriptions will be available for $8 per month or 80 per year. Notably, Tesla also offers such a subscription service, in which customers have to pay the same as Toyota to get the OTA (over the air) upgrade service. This service allows users to activate certain services in their Teslas that are already built into the car, but are locked.