The company shared the first look of Realme GT 2 Pro, showing a paper-like design

The Realme GT 2 series will be launched in China on December 4. Regarding the upcoming flagship series of the Chinese company, it is being said that it will include Realme GT 2 and Realme GT 2 Pro models. Ahead of the official launch of the phone, Realme has shared the first official look of the premium flagship Realme GT2 Pro smartphone. Earlier this week, Realme announced that the Realme GT2 Pro phone will come with three features that can be considered “world’s first innovations in design, camera and communication”. Will be the world’s first phone to come with Bio-Best polymer design.

Realme on Wednesday shared the design of the upcoming Realme GT 2 Pro smartphone. This smartphone has been given a paper build. It has been co-designed by Realme Design Studio and Japanese designer Naoto Fukusawa. Realme says that Naoto Fukasawa has taken inspiration from the paper texture for the smartphone design. In the renders shared by Realme, the design of the phone looks similar to its previous version, the Realme Master Edition, which was launched in August this year.

For camera innovation, it has been said about the Reality GT2 Pro that it will have a new ultrawide sensor, with which 150-degree field-of-view will be available. Also, fisheye mode will be given in it, which will give ultra-long depth of feel effect. The third innovation will be given in communication, which is said to be given the Antenna Array Matrix system, which will include the world’s first “Ultra Wide Band HyperSmart Antenna Switching” system. It has been claimed that it will support mainstream bands with signal strength in almost all directions. Other communication features include Wi-Fi enhancer and 360-degree NFC support.

Realme has announced that the Realme GT2 Pro series will be launched in China on January 4 at 11:30am CST Asia (9 am Indian time). Realme GT 2 and Realme GT 2 Pro phones can be included in this flagship series. However, the company has not yet made public what will be seen in the event. It is believed that the focal point of this event will be the launch of Reality GT 2 Pro. This will be the company’s first smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.