Tesla car’s autopilot feature amazing, woman gives birth to baby in moving car

Electric car maker Tesla also gets a lot of praise for the Autopilot feature in its cars. However, Tesla has sometimes faced criticism for the accidents caused by this system, and sometimes the system has also been praised for saving lives. The latest anecdote can also be seen as good news, where a woman in Philadelphia, USA gave birth to a child by putting her Tesla electric car on autopilot mode.

Keating Sherry, the husband of the woman who gave birth to the child, shared this news through a tweet. He wrote in his tweet, “My wife boldly gave birth to our baby girl Maeve in the front seat of our Tesla Model 3 when [हम] Were on the way to the hospital.”

Further information is given in the Philadelphia newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer. The name of the 33-year-old woman who gave birth is Yiran Sherry. This baby, born in September, is being called the ‘First Tesla Baby’. Yiran and Keating were on their way to the hospital in their Tesla Model 3 electric car for childbirth, but Yiran started labor pains on the way.

As the trouble increased, she decided to give birth to the child in the car itself. Yiran, a resident of Wayne, Pennsylvania, said: “We had assumed we would get to the hospital. Keating drove the car with ease and hurriedly used the autopilot to get to the hospital quickly.” She reported that she told her husband that the baby’s head was coming out, but her focus was on the map visible on the car’s screen at the time. But it was.

Eventually, the two decided to give birth to the baby in the car, using the car’s autopilot. After this, after reaching the hospital, the nurse cut the baby’s umbilical cord on the front seat of the car.

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