Tesla Car Delivery Growing Faster Than Audi, BMW And Mercedes

The market capitalization of American electric car maker Tesla has crossed $1 trillion. Tesla’s value is almost four times the total value of German luxury car companies BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen. Although Tesla has delivered far fewer vehicles than these three companies, its deliveries are increasing rapidly.

According to a Forbes report, Tesla’s Model 3 and Y deliveries stood at 4,43,000 units last year. That’s about 20 percent of car deliveries from Mercedes and BMW, and a little less than half that of Audi. However, Tesla’s deliveries are growing rapidly and the company’s sales have grown by more than 50 percent over the past two years. In comparison, the deliveries of these German car companies have remained almost the same or have declined. If Tesla maintains this growth rate, its annual deliveries will be nearly equal to those of BMW and Mercedes by 2024.

Information about the average pricing of the company’s models is not given by Tesla. The average selling price of the Model 3 and Y is estimated to be around $50,000. In comparison, Mercedes cars have an average price of around $46,000 and BMW’s around $40,000.

Deliveries of Tesla’s Model S and X to the super premium segment have declined in recent years. It declined from around one lakh units in 2018 to around 57,000 units last year. The big reason for this was the company’s bringing the old models with new features. In comparison, Volkswagen Group’s super premium brands, Porsche and Bentley, have seen an increase in deliveries to around 2,64,000 units last year. The average selling price of Tesla’s Model S and X is estimated to be a little over $95,000 for the same Porsche and Bentley brands. Tesla cars are currently at the top of the EV segment and this market is expected to grow rapidly. However, with the entry of new companies in it, the competition for Tesla will also increase.