Suspected to be aliens! American pilot sighted more than a dozen UFOs

UFOs and aliens are mysteries to our world even today. Claims are made from time to time regarding their existence. Many people and scientists believe that there is a world outside this world as well. We have heard many stories about UFOs and aliens. There are claims of UFOs coming to earth. A similar claim has been made again. More than a dozen unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were seen over the South China Sea near Hong Kong, which soon disappeared into the clouds. The video was reportedly recorded by a US military pilot. In this video three sets of four mysterious light structures are seen flying above the clouds. The video was filmed on 24 November. This video is being shared rapidly on social media. People are giving shocking reactions after watching the video. Some users described it as the light of ‘alien’ aircraft, while some believe that they were “floating angels”. Although some users believe that it could be a military exercise.

In the video, the pilot can be heard saying, ‘I don’t know what that is.’ The 53-second video ends with the mysterious light disappearing. The pilot was reportedly flying at an altitude of 39000 feet. He was near Hong Kong, when he saw all the lights flying together at a distance. These lights were coming from some unknown aircraft.

The video has been viewed more than 1 lakh times so far and there has been a lot of speculation on it.

A user named @Kene4USA wrote, “At first I thought about the cockpit glass refaction… but no… it’s not that. Now I’m wondering, could this have been retaliatory military action?”

Another user @SalLidD00D rubbished the idea that the lights were a reflection from the cockpit. The user said that if this was the case then people would have seen him from the beginning.

A user named @TryshaKehoe2 wrote “swimming angels”