Report, Google said, employees who do not follow vaccination rules will be out of jobs

Google, one of the world’s top Internet companies, has warned its employees that if they do not follow the Kovid-19 vaccination rules, their salary will be cut and eventually they will be fired. In a memo issued by Google’s management, it was said that employees have a deadline till December 3 to declare information about their vaccination status and upload documents in proof of it. Employees can also apply for exemption from these rules on medical or religious grounds.

According to a CNBC report, Google had said that after this date, it will begin contacting employees who have not provided vaccination status information, have not been vaccinated or whose waiver requests have not been accepted. The memo states that employees who do not comply with the vaccination rules by January 18 will be sent on “paid administration leave” for 30 days. Thereafter, “Unpaid Personal Leave” of up to six months will be given and will be terminated from the job.

Google did not comment on CNBC’s report when contacted by Reuters. Google said, “We will do everything we can to help our employees get the vaccine. The company is committed to the vaccination policy.” Earlier this month, Google postponed plans to call employees back to the office due to the threat of Omicron variants of Corona. Some of the company’s employees have also opposed making the vaccine mandatory. Google had earlier planned to call employees thrice a week from January 10.

However, this has not affected Google’s plans to launch new products and services. Google has announced its plans to bring Android games to Windows PC. The Google Play Games platform will be brought to Windows as a standalone application. This will allow users to play Android games directly from Google on their Windows PC. It will allow users to simultaneously switch between Android phone and tablet, Chromebook and Windows PC. It’s not confirmed whether the full Google Play titles will be available on PC when the new service arrives.

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