Noise cancellation support is not available in iPhone 13, users complain

The iPhone 13 series was launched in September, in which many updates have been given compared to the current models. But a not very useful feature has been given in this new iPhone series. This feature is the noise cancellation option that iPhone 13 users have been demanding for the past several months. However, Apple has not yet responded to this demand of users. The latest iOS version of the iPhone 13 series also does not bring with the noise cancellation option. Let us tell you, this feature is present in the old models of iPhone.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, several users have complained about the lack of noise cancellation on the iPhone 13 via Reddit. Some users have agreed to the complaints and wondered why this support is not provided in the new iPhone series. Some users noted that the lack of hardware in the iPhone 13 series is not due to the presence of a sufficient number of microphones to support noise cancellation.

In October, a user had complained about the absence of noise cancellation on the iPhone 13 Pro Max on the Apple Community Forum. However, at the time, an Apple community specialist responded to the user’s complaint by providing a link to an article detailing how to adjust the audio settings on the iPhone.

It was mentioned in this link that to activate noise cancellation in older iPhone models, go to Settings and click on Accessibility and then select Audio / Visual. However, this option is not present in the iPhone 12.

Gadgets 360 has also confirmed the lack of noise cancellation on the regular iPhone 13. Users say that this problem is also present in iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 mini.

After complaints from users, the iPhone maker has introduced several iOS updates, but in these the problem has not been fixed.