Netflix plans get cheaper by 60% in India, price starts from Rs 149 ..

Changes have been made in the plans of Netflix India in which the prices have been cut. From today you are going to save up to 18 to 60 percent on Netflix plans. How much benefit you will get after the new change will depend on the plan you choose. The Netflix “Mobile” plan was earlier priced at Rs 199 per month, which has now come down to Rs 149 per month with a 25 percent reduction. You will get the biggest savings on Netflix’s “Basic” plan, which was earlier priced at Rs 499 per month but now its price has come down to Rs 199 per month. Talking about the “Standard” Netflix plan, its price till now was Rs 649, which has now gone up to Rs 499 per month. The Netflix “Premium” plan was earlier priced at Rs 799, which has now gone up to Rs 649.

If you already have a Netflix subscription, you’ll upgrade to the High plan starting today. At the same time, the next time you log in, you will get a notification on the device asking you to upgrade confirmation or choose another plan. For subscribers who are on Netflix’s highest “Premium” plan, the price changes will be equalized in the next billing.

Even though the company has changed the prices, the benefits under the plan will remain the same. Standard-resolution (SD) 480p content will be available on phones and tablets in the Netflix “Mobile” plan. With the “Basic” plan, you can watch the content on any device, although the quality will be the same as on the mobile plan. In the “Standard” plan, you get to watch high-resolution (HD) 1080p video. “Premium” plan
Comes with 4K resolution.

Netflix’s mobile plan costs Rs 149, Standard plan costs Rs 499 and Premium plan costs Rs 649.

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