Isn’t Apple Watch Safe? Customers sued in America

Is Apple Watch Not Safe? This question has arisen from a lawsuit against Apple in the US. It claims that every Apple Watch model ever made has an “unsafe defect”. This claim is specifically made with the fact that the Apple Watch lacks internal space to accommodate the bloated battery.
The complaint, filed Thursday in a federal court in California, claims that the Apple Watch poses an “unknown and unreasonably dangerous security threat.” The case bears the name of every model from Apple Watch to Apple Watch Series 6.

According to media reports, this proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed by four customers of Apple Watch. The complaint also included a photo of a deep slash on the arm of a customer. The claim is that all this allegedly happened when the user’s Series 3 Apple Watch screen, detached.

Customers say that the screen is made of either Ion-X glass (aluminum model) or sapphire crystal glass (stainless steel and titanium model). And there is a sharp edge all around.

According to the lawsuit, Apple violated various consumer protection laws when releasing the product.

The group seeks to represent anyone who purchased any model of the first generation Apple Watch in 2015 and used it until last year. People who bought this year’s model are not included in this.

Apple did not immediately comment on the matter.

However, in 2019, the company announced a program to replace the cracked screens in the Aluminum Series 2 and 3 Watches for free. The company said on its website that in very rare circumstances, the rounded edge of the screen may crack.

This case is in Smith v. Apple, Inc. US District Court of California.