Government planning to add sound to Electric Vehicles, know what is the reason?

Electric cars are being seen as a step towards saving the environment. These vehicles do not cause air pollution, but there is another aspect, which is preferred by some people, and that is that these vehicles do not make noise. Actually, electric motors are used in electric vehicles, due to which they do not require exhaust. This eliminates the scope for noise. But now, the government is set to change the rules. Experts believe that it is necessary to have noise in electric vehicles for safety.

Hindustan has informed, citing sources, that the Ministry of Heavy Industries has issued instructions to the concerned departments to find the sound system in electric vehicles. This is being done so that the person walking on the road can know that many vehicles are passing by him/her. As we mentioned, there is no sound while driving due to the absence of engine and exhaust in electric vehicles. The sound of the motor is so low that the person walking on the road is unlikely to hear it.

The report says that at present there are many assessments to be done on these instructions, one of which will be on whether noise pollution is spreading due to noise. Only after eliminating the possibility of noise pollution, further arrangements will be made on adopting this option. If the new rules go into effect, then EV manufacturers will have to install sound-producing devices in their electric vehicles.

Let us tell you, Revolt company gives an in-built speaker on its electric two-wheelers, which generates sound when the electric bikes are moving. Users can choose a sound from a number of different options through a specific app. From casual bikes to sports bikes, the app gives users a range of options.

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