Facebook had to pay a heavy fine for banning content in Russia

Facebook has paid 1.7 crore rubles (about Rs 1.73 crore) in fines. The fine was imposed on the company for not removing illegal content in Russia. The Interfax News Agency has reported in a report that the company is likely to face an even bigger fine.

Facebook’s parent company Meta and Alphabet’s Google also faced a similar case this year. These companies are accused of repeatedly violating Russian law on content and due to this, a percentage of their annual revenue can be charged as fine.

Facebook did not immediately respond to this. In October, Russia sent state law officials to collect a fine of 17 million rubles imposed on Facebook. Interfax has said that as of Sunday there was no further action against the company, according to the Federal Bailiff Service database.

The Russian government has taken a tough approach to big tech companies this year. The government has increased pressure on companies to strictly control the Internet in a campaign. Its critics say the move is suppressing personal and corporate liberties.

The Interfax report also states that the messaging app Telegram has also paid a fine of 15 million rubles (about Rs 1.53 crore). Telegram did not immediately respond to a request for this response.

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