Elon Musk’s Tweet: I want to leave the job, know which direction is pointing

The words of Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and CEO of Tesla, have some meaning. In his recent tweet, he has said, ‘Thinking of quitting my job and becoming a full time influencer.’ So is it understood that Alan now wants to quit his job? The manner in which Allen tweets, it is not clear whether he is joking or is serious about his point of view.

Allen’s statement of “quitting a job to become a full-time influencer” doesn’t seem to soon become a reality, as Allen said earlier this year that he expects to be Tesla’s CEO for “many years”. If this statement of his is to be considered true, then Alan is not going to leave the job at the moment! Then why did Alan say that? One reason for this could be…

Recently, several influential figures, including US Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, have proposed taxing billionaires’ shares and other assets. It pointed to Elon Musk’s personal wealth, saying the rich needed to pay a “fair share” of taxes. Presumably these are the influential people Allen is targeting.

Musk’s tweet comes after Tesla sold 934,091 shares for $963.2 million. US Securities’ filings show that Allen also exercised stock options to buy 2.17 million shares of Tesla. Musk has purchased approximately 13 million shares using his stock options and sold about 11 million of his existing shares to pay taxes.

Earlier, Musk had sold 4.8 million shares. He asked his Twitter followers in early November whether he should sell the stock. His supporters had voted yes. Musk has since sold more than 10 million shares worth more than $11 billion. He has sold a total of 11.03 million shares and acquired 12.87 million shares since November 8.

Tesla shares tumbled 6.10% on the Nasdaq on Friday, after Musk’s net worth jumped to $266 billion. He is $66 billion ahead of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in terms of net worth.

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