Elon Musk said Tesla Bot can solve labor shortage

The head of American electric car maker Tesla, Elon Musk, has once made a big statement. This may come as a shock to those who believe that many jobs can be lost due to technologies like automation and AI. Musk has claimed that the Tesla bot, introduced earlier this year, could solve the problem of labor shortage. It is being told that this Tesla Bot will have the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. It will be able to perform repetitive tasks.

As reported by Carandbike, Tesla has started hiring for this bot. It is designed to handle unsafe and repetitive manual tasks. Musk said, “I believe that with autopilot and full self-driving, we are developing the most advanced AI for navigation in the real world. You can even think of Tesla as the world’s largest robot company. Car on four wheels.” It is like a robot. We will probably also bring this technology to a robot that acts like a human. We need to develop some actuators and sensors.”

Musk said that he did not know when this work would be completed but it would be done in the right way. He believes that this can be a real solution to the problem of labor shortage. Population growth is already slowing down in many countries. Japan and China are prominent among these countries. Because of this labor shortage can become a big problem. “It has the potential to become a common alternative to human labor over time. Labor is the basis of the economy,” Musk said.

Many robotics and artificial intelligence experts have expressed apprehension about Tesla’s bot project. The main reason for this is the failure of big companies in the robotics segment like Boston Dynamics to make their technology commercially successful. This type of technology has been developed for years but these companies have failed to make it completely accurate. With the help of robots, common tasks related to manufacturing are being done in some sectors like automobiles but they cannot be used to perform complex tasks.

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