DoT reins in those who have more SIM card connections, introduced a new rule…

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has started a campaign to rein in those who have more SIM card connections by implementing a new rule. Under the new rule, the subscribers who have more than 9 SIM card connections, their verification will be done again. However, users having more than 6 connections in Jammu and Kashmir, North-East and Assam will be re-verified. At the same time, the order has been given to close the connection of the subscribers who do not complete the process of re-verification.

This move of the Department of Telecom is aimed at preventing the incidents of financial crime, fake calls and frauds through fake numbers. Under the new rule, any customer who has more than 9 SIM-card connections issued by all the telecom service providers companies, it will be mandatory for them to get re-verification of all the connections. In Jammu and Kashmir, North-East and Assam, this rule has been applied to those having more than 6 connections.

In addition, DoT has asked telecom service providers to remove from the database all flagged mobile connections that are not in use as per the rules. The outgoing service of the flagged mobile connection will be suspended within 30 days while the incoming service will be stopped within 45 days.

In case the re-verification is not done, the phone number will be deactivated within 60 days from 7th December.

If a number is flagged by law enforcement agencies or a financial institution or has been identified as a fake call or fraud, the outgoing service to that phone number will be suspended within 5 days and incoming service within 10 days. will be closed inside.