DogeBonk becomes the first crypto coin to go to space, Twitter mocks Elon Musk!

The DogeBonk meme coin is just two months old and is now claiming that it has defeated Elon Musk’s DOGE-1 rocket mission to become the first meme coin to be sent into space. This new cryptocurrency was sent into space on 15 December using a stratospheric weather balloon and the event was streamed as evidence. The event also received an overwhelming response on Twitter, where members of the community started poke fun at the Tesla and SpaceX CEO with the hashtag “SorryElon”.

Of course, it was a weather balloon that went to the very beginning of space, while Musk’s rocket is planning to go to the moon, but it can still be considered a good achievement.

Dodgebank has been able to garner a large community in a very short time, through which the developers of this meme coin were able to raise money for the weather balloon launch project. The team wrote in a tweet (translated) “Sorry Alan, but we beat DodgeCoin known as the first meme coin in space. Dodgecoin is the first crypto in space. However, it’s not too late to join us, Truce (ceasefire)?”

While sending the meme coin, a camera was also attached to it, which had filmed a banner. It also featured a DogeBonk meme hitting the Dogecoin icon with a stick. It also has a crying picture of Elon Musk.

The developers have performed stunts in the past, such as a giant billboard in Times Square, a virtual “bonsker” video meme award show on Twitch, a custom Dogebonk themed minigame, and “Meme of the Meme” on ‘r/mems’. Winning the title of “Year” etc.