Cyber ​​attack on car maker Volvo, hackers stole research data

From large vehicles to cars, Swedish manufacturer Volvo Volvo has become a victim of cyber attack. The company has said that hackers stole research and development data from its systems by conducting cyber attacks. The Company has learned that one of its file archives has been illegally accessed by a third party. According to Volvo, the investigation so far has revealed that a limited amount of theft has been done from the company’s R&D ie Research and Development property during the cyber attack.

However, the company has said that this cyber attack is not likely to have any impact on the security of customers’ cars or their personal data.

Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo is pumping cash to convert its entire range to electric by 2030.

A company spokesperson told AFP that Volvo has not been hit by the ransomware and has full control over its data. He reported that a “third party” had “recently” contacted Volvo about it.

Volvo separated from the truck manufacturer Volvo Group in 1999. In 2010, it was bought by China’s big auto maker Geely.

Volvo is known for providing excellent safety features in its vehicles. Recently, there were reports that the company is reportedly working on a new technology that will allow car owners to convert their car’s windshield into an interactive display. The Swedish automobile giant has partnered with Israeli startup, Spectralics for this. This technology will provide Head Up Display (HUD) in the windshield of the car. The HUD display will show the driver all the necessary information, such as speed, navigation, timing, etc., on the windshield.

Not only this, Volvo is soon going to launch its electric car XC40 Recharge in India. Since this is the company’s luxury electric car, then the price is likely to be high. It has a battery of 78kWh capacity and the company claims that this electric car can give a range of 400 km on a full charge. Although the certified range is 335 km.