Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin below its high mark even after the rise, Shiba Inu showed agility

The major cryptocurrency did not perform well in the crypto market on Tuesday as investors waited. The biggest currency bitcoin (BTC) was trading marginally higher by 0.40 per cent at $46,955.58 (approximately Rs 35,48,980), below its high mark of $47,000 (approximately Rs 35,52,654). Data from as of 8.45 am showed that Bitcoin’s competitor Ethereum was down 0.03 percent at $3,919.29 (approximately Rs 2,96,226).

Meanwhile, Cardano users have had a big win. FlexaHQ tweeted that Flexa accepted its native token ADA for transactions in over 40,000 locations in the US. Flexa Flexa is a digital payment network. It allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method on their network. Despite such good news, Cardano (ADA) was trading at $ 1.23 (about Rs 92.97) with a loss of 0.68 percent.