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Bob Biswas

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Bob Biswas Film Review: Small narrow streets, old-fashioned markets, the smell of “Elish” fish sold in baskets, doors and windows made of real teak wood, painted walls, small tea stalls running on stoves , a song by RD Burman playing on a radio or gramophone, people smoking small goldflakes or Wills navy cut cigarettes, people of the Babu type wearing half sweaters and glasses on the belly of the rice, with Tant sarees and big neck blouses Fair-haired women wearing big eyes and a big red bindi.

At the crossroads, people go to work at the corner shop eating luchi (puri) and aloo bhaja (potato sabzi) and planning for the day’s unemployment. From Mohun Bagan centre-forward to Mohun Bagan’s center forward and eager to debate for hours on the far-reaching consequences of Vladimir Putin’s visit to India, without talking every evening. Sujoy Ghosh’s eyes are needed to see Kolkata going somewhere and not reaching anywhere. Bob Biswas is an unknown face of Kolkata, but the smell of Kolkata is visible on his face. Watch Bob Biswas release on Zee 5.

Bob Biswas Movies Info:

Movie Full NameBob Biswas
CastAbhishek B, Chitrangada S
ProducerGauri Khan, Sujoy Ghosh
WritterSujoy Ghosh, Raj
Running Time131 Min
Bob Biswas movie


In 2012, producer-director Sujoy Ghosh co-wrote a film with writer Advaita Kala – ‘Kahaani’. In this film starring Vidya Balan, there was an important character of a contract killer, whose name was Bob Biswas. Shashwat Chatterjee, a strong actor of Bengali films, played the role of contract killer Bob Biswas, who was fat, unfit, wearing glasses and gasping for a short run.

The story of the film was good, but the character of Bob Biswas had a “namaste”. Amy Bob Biswas. The audience was very fond of the one who shot him in the center of the forehead with a pistol fitted with a silencer. Seeing him, for a moment, somewhere inside began to tremble.

Sujoy has now written an entire film for the same Bob Biswas character, which depicts a part of Bob Biswas’ life, and the funny thing is that the film ends where the film “story” begins. There is a difference, this time it is not Shashwat Chatterjee to play Bob Biswas, but Abhishek Bachchan, the handsome actor who has gained more than 100 kg.

The film is directed by Sujoy’s daughter Diya Annapurna Ghosh. Diya has previously worked with Sujoy as an assistant director in the film “Badla”. If the feet of the son are seen in the cradle, then the skill of the daughter can be considered fixed even before her birth. Diya’s direction will remind you of Sujoy’s “Kahaani” film, but there are some specialties in which Diya has done wonders.

Bob Biswas
Bob Biswas

They come to know only after watching the film carefully. Sujoy had also approached Abhishek to play Bob Biswas in the story, but Abhishek was busy in those days. Then when the story of Bob Biswas started being written separately, Sujoy contacted Abhishek again and this time it worked out.

Bob Biswas Movie Information

Similarly, the decision to hand over the direction to his daughter may have been a strange one, but Sujoy wanted to look at the film from a new perspective, so he entrusted such a huge responsibility on the shoulders of a young director. Diya has done it well. Only one song of RD Burman is heard on the radio in the entire film.

A strong female character (as are most of the women in Bengal), cigarette smokers are few and far between, the film roams in the dark streets and even in the dark of night, there are some characters who are in the film and laugh in the film. Fear and dread, everything comes together. This diya has given to the film.

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Bob Biswas full Movie Download 9xMovies : Abhishek Bachchan is in the best role of his life. He had decided to be ugly for this character. Smallpox rash, weight above 100 kg, shapeless and unformed body, and a confused look that turns into a dreaded but smiling contract killer by the end of the film. It is not believed that Abhishek will seem Bengali so easily, while mother Jaya Bachchan is completely Bengali and Amitabh himself is aware of Bengali culture and language. In the film, Abhishek has spoken very little in Bengali and the accent is also missing.

Chitrangada Singh is amazing. Her beautiful looks may be a curse for her in films, but she has done a lot of acting in this character with her eyes. The scene of Amar Upadhyay beating up with Kolhapuri slippers in the office is amazing. This scene was a sign that her husband has returned and those who teased her should keep a distance now.

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The second best role in the film was of Bengali actor Paran Bandyopadhyay. This character of Kali Da is the pivot of the film. This character was the most suitable for philosophy in the entire film. The entire underworld uses this black da, who runs a homeopathic medicine shop, to supply weapons, to hide his income of number two and to bury all the secrets of the opposite business in his stomach.

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Rules are rules, as the cryptic things are easily said by Kali da, to explain the essence of life to Abhishek, he gives the example of Shri Krishna’s Kaliya Mardan, when Kaliya snake says to Shri Krishna – even if you gave me, there is only poison, So what else do I do? The rest of the actors like Purab Kohli in the role of Pabitra Rabha Yaar Bubai as Dhonu, act wonderfully that they are remembered till the end of the film.

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The film is written by Sujoy and the dialogues are written by Raj Vasant. The dialogues are cheeky, funny and are just what they need. Not a single word seems extra. There are also some places to remember in the film. Like the Paris bar where Purab Kohli is seen singing another RD Burman’s song in “Karioke”. When Abhishek Bachchan thinks a lot or is nervous, he goes to Dhonu’s chowmin cart and gives 3-4 plates of chowmin pail.

The gun with silencer at Kali Da’s homeopathy store is named Nux Vomica and the gun without silencer is called Arnica. All these things are the result of the fine thinking of a writer director. Garrick Sarkar, editor and cinematographer of Bengali films, has found the darkness of Kolkata. This city tells a new story even at night.

The editor is Yasha Ramchandani who previously edited films like Article 15 or Thappad. Although this film is more than 2 hours, but not a single scene is seen in the film. It is clear from the brutality with which the film has been edited and presented, that Yasha gives preference to the film and not the scenes suggested by the producer or writer. He should be thanked for editing the film.

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