BMW completes sale of 1 million EVs, aims to sell 2 million by 2025

BMW has touched the sales figure of one million i.e. one million electric vehicles. The company issued information and informed about this development. This cell includes purely electric and hybrid vehicles. As environmental concerns are now pushing governments across the world to source pure energy, the demand for electric vehicles has increased among people and this demand is increasing rapidly around the world. The German carmaker says it will touch two million sales of fully electric vehicles by 2025.

The company’s board member Pieter Nota told Reuters that about 70% of EVs sold so far were hybrids. The company believes that hybrid models have their own niche. These models will continue to play their part for customers in places where customer access to chargers is very difficult or non-existent.

Continuing to modernize fossil fuel-burning cars was another important step towards making the industry more sustainable. “Only then can we make a difference in the customer base,” he said.

BMW has long been more inclined to invest in a range of technologies to reduce emissions rather than focus on battery-electric cars. That is, instead of focusing only on making battery-powered cars, the company is working on all those methods and technology so that emissions can be reduced.

The German carmaker aims to have 50 percent of global sales in electric cars by 2030. That is, in the next 9 years, the company will take its sales of electric cars to 50 percent. But at the same time, it cannot be denied that the lack of charging infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for EVs remains a major hurdle in this direction.

The company’s board member said that compared to last year, the sale in November this year has been a bit sluggish. The reason for this has been attributed to the lack of chips at the global level. But the company has said that its overall growth is going to be higher this year than last year.

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