Battlegrounds Mobile India again banned 1 lakh accounts

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has again taken strict measures to keep the gaming environment clean so that no illegal programs or activities are run in the game. In this direction, the publisher of the game, Crafton, has banned about 1 lakh accounts within a week. Crafton permanently banned these 1 lakh accounts between December 13 and 19. The developer has also published a list of the names of the banned accounts. More recently, BGMI removed 1 lakh 42 thousand players from the platform between 6 and 12 December.

Krafton announced in a post that 99,583 accounts were banned from the platform within 6 days for using illegal programs. This ban on the accounts has been imposed permanently under the campaign. The company has been continuously banning such accounts which try to hack the game illegally. Crafton has published the names of all the banned accounts in a list. Once banned, these accounts can no longer be used to login to the game again. The company says that it will continue to follow such a strict approach in the times to come and will continue to work towards its goal of providing a better gaming environment to the players.

Crafton usually bans players if the game has been downloaded from an unofficial channel or an illegal program is running on that device. Last week, Crafton announced the ban of 1 lakh 42 thousand 766 accounts. These accounts were banned between December 6 and 12. Similarly, in the month of November, between 17th to 23rd, the company had banned 1 lakh 57 thousand accounts. The company also sends notices to players for illegal activities. Before banning the account, the company also gives players a chance to repair the game so that unwanted data can be removed from the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon stop data transfer from PUBG Mobile. Recently, the company announced that it is going to stop the transfer of data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players have until December 31 to import PUBG Mobile’s data into Battlegrounds Mobile.

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