Baidu launches smart fitness mirror, will guide virtual coach in 43 inch screen

For most countries of the world, the search engine means Google, but in China Baidu is used instead of Google. This Chinese company is now trying its hand in all categories like Google. Over the past few years, Baidu has proven its mettle in several product categories, including Robotaxis. The company has now launched a smart fitness mirror. This mirror teaches fitness tricks to the user with the help of a virtual coach visible in it.

Simply put, this smart screen is a big mirror. Its size is like a full size mirror. Even when this gadget is turned off, it remains in the mirror. When it is turned on, the 43-inch IPS screen installed inside the mirror illuminates. Simultaneously an AI-powered virtual coach appears on the screen. This virtual coach guides the user to various fitness activities like a fitness coach.

According to Gizmochina, the Mirror supports LTE connectivity. With this, users can follow the celebrity coach during the workout. Can interact with virtual coaches and also connect with your social media friends.

Coming to the specifications, the Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror is equipped with a custom wide dynamic sensor, allowing it to improve imaging quality by up to 40% even in low-light conditions. The mirror can record images in 2K resolution at 60fps and can capture large movements during exercise.

Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror is powered by an octa-core AI processor with 3 top computing power. It accurately captures the fitness action of the user. Recognizes body movements. This allows the user to know whether his movements are correct or not, after which it helps in making the right posture and shaping the body.

Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror comes in two versions. The price of the first version is 4,199 Yuan (Rs 49,981). The flagship version costs 4699 Yuan (Rs 55,928).