Amazing of Google Fit, now the user’s heart rate can also be measured with the camera of iPhone and iPad

Now iPhone and iPad users can also track their heart and respiratory rates through Google Fit. Google Fit has reportedly gained the ability to track heart and respiratory rate for iOS. Google Fit has achieved this capability using the iPhone’s camera. On the Google Fit app, a user can measure heart rate when he or she applies light pressure to the rear camera lens. It can work even when the smartphone does not have internet connectivity. Apart from this, users can track beats per minute (BPM) with the help of front camera. Google Fit’s heart and respiratory rate tracking feature was first introduced in February for Google Pixel smartphones.

9to5Google has reported that Google Fit using iOS devices is getting heart and respiratory rate measurement features. Google tracks user’s body movements to measure heart rate and BPM.

When users place a finger on the rear camera’s sensor and apply gentle pressure, Google Fit measures their heart rate. For users who are in low-light environment, the Google Fit app gives better results by using the flash of their phone. The app can also track the heartbeat by tracking the blood flow in the body.

It takes about 30 seconds to measure heart rate. After this a graph appears, which also contains information about beats per minute. After the process is complete, users can save it in Google Fit.

Along with this, the selfie camera of the iPhone can track the respiratory rate of the user. To track the respiratory rate, the user has to show his head and torso in the display of the app. Keep in mind that during this time the phone should be completely stable. Respiratory rate can be measured after keeping the phone stable for about half a minute. 9to5Google has tracked heart and respiratory rates taken from the iPhone 7 and iPad Pro.

Google introduced heart and respiratory rate measurement features to Google Fit in February. These features were initially released for Pixel smartphones. After this it started getting available in other Android smartphones as well.