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83 Full Movie Download

83 Full Movie Download: I really liked this film at first glance. Kabir Khan has made this very good film. Seeing the acting or acting done by Ranbir Singh in this film, everyone will say that it is Kapil Dev. The performance of Kapil Dev is commendable.

Along with Ranbir Singh and Hardy Sandhu (playing the character of Madan Lal), the other actors have also done a wonderful job. You can’t get bored watching this movie. Many times this happens after watching films made on sports but Kabir Khan never allowed this film to come down anywhere, it is such a good movie.

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Despite being a reel movie, it is a real story. There is nothing in this film that did not happen in the World Cup ’83. They are all professional and they know very well what to do, where to film comedy, where to put emotion. In fact, they have made a beautiful story. In India, everyone knows everything about cricket anyway and as soon as you all watch this film, slowly you will also remember everything.

Many people asked me that after seeing this film did you remember anything? So I have to tell them that even after 37-38 years we have not forgotten anything. It was the first World Cup cricket tournament won by India. From time to time we got love from people and they kept telling us about it.

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This is one of the best movies on sports ever made. This is a great motivational movie for all the players or their families or those who struggle in life. Anyway, this World Cup was won when everyone was thinking of us as “under dog”. In view of this, it cannot become a motivational film.

83 Full Movie Download
83 Full Movie Download

83 Full Movie Download: In this film, the role of my own i.e. Madan Lal is played by Hardy Sandhu, who is basically a singer. He has also played under-17 and under-19 cricket under my coaching. It was very difficult for him to bowl in my action. It took him six months to learn the bowling action like mine. Seeing his emotions, gestures and action, it will appear that it is me ie Madan Lal. you’ll miss me.

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There is also a scene in this film when I ask my captain Kapil Dev for the ball to dismiss West Indies batsman Vivian Richards, who had turned the match one-sided in the final. It also shows how teams used to go to play the World Cup earlier. But I cannot tell you the whole story, you will feel the thrill of watching the film.

This film has also become excellent because Kabir Khan, Ranbir Singh and Kapil Dev are all three number one. Anyway, it is not easy to get the same sound as all the players, but all the artists have worked very hard. 83 Full Movie Download, The reason for his success was also the coaching and training of the all-rounder Balwinder Singh Sandhu of the 1983 World Cup winning team.

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All these artists met us ten times. Ranveer Singh himself also stayed with Kapil Dev in his house for a few days. He learned bowling, batting, speaking like Kapil.

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This movie will make you cry and laugh too. This film is also infused with patriotism. The music of the film is also superb. All of you have already seen and heard the songs of this film in the trailer. 83 Full Movie Download, You can get a real idea of how well this film is made by watching it. The music of this film will be remembered a lot in sports in the times to come and will serve to infuse freshness and enthusiasm among the players.

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83 Full Movie Download: My entire family was present in Mumbai during the screening of this film. He was more restless than me to see this film. As the film progressed, we kept on connecting with each scene. The filming of this film was not easy but Kabir Khan did it. This film is made on 11-12 players in which the outside story could not be included. We told them everything. You will also know something new after this film.

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Running Time2:30 Hours
Released Date17 December 2021
83 Movie

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83 Full Movie Download: The artist who played the role of Shrikant in this film has tickled a lot. It is amazing what he has done on screen, Srikkanth does the same thing in life. All the actors have played very lively roles of all the players apart from Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and Dilip Wangsarkar and especially Pankaj Tripathi who plays the manager has proved to be “outclass”.

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83 Full Movie Download: We also loved seeing this film because all the players saw it together. In this film, the things going on and their feelings on the family members of the players during the World Cup have also been shown. The entire team of this film stayed in England for three months and shot the same scenes exactly. Seeing the film, it seemed as if the World Cup was going on in the heart.

He has used the same balcony of Lord’s which was there during the World Cup. A couple of times during the World Cup, the team also had a fight with some people in London, that is also shown in this film.

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While watching some scenes in 83 Movie, I got goosebumps. The film is very emotional at some places and tears well up in my eyes while watching it. 83 Full Movie Download, There is also laughter in many places and Ranveer Singh has done exactly the same work as Kapil Dev. It was not easy for Ranbir Singh to take himself and the other eleven and twelve actors along but he did it.


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