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Two years later, Deee-Lite was back with a new album entitled Infinity Within. By then, we had a few private television channels in the process of being formed in Turkey. Most of these channels would start off their test broadcasts by showing lots of video clips. It was while viewing such a channel that I saw Lady Kier dancing in her red and white striped mini top and blue jeans. I got "chills on my back" when I realised that this was a new song called Runaway. I could not wait until my father would go on his next official trip to New York to buy me this album, but there were probably still months until that would be possible. A few days later, I went into one of our local music shops. I saw that they had formed a big basket containing CDs, which were mostly unwanted ones, being sold at ridicilously low prices (something like one fourth of a normal CD). I put my hand in the basket and to my astonishment I see the text "Infinity Within". It was as if God was saying "Stop bothering me about this!" I held the album tight and rushed to the counter, thinking to myself "This is obvioussly a mistake. I'm getting this album cheaper than it is in the USA." It was so valuable to me, yet so cheap in terms of money that I felt a rush as if I was stealing it and needed to leave the shop quick.

My personal theory on what an album which was never released in Turkey was doing there and why it was so cheap is something like this. I think some of these music shops had deals with people travelling abroad to bring back albums that were not being released in Turkey. I think after no one realised that this shop had Deee-Lite's Infinity Within album somewhere in the racks, the guys decided to put certain records that were not selling on a discount just to free up space in the shop. Probably the employees that were asked to separate these albums had never even heard of Deee-Lite and upon looking at the cover of the album with D.J. Dmitry wearing a full leopard suit and the band members sitting on a silver UFO, they said "Who'd buy this album?" and they just tossed it in the basket with the album of such artists like Samantha Fox and Sabrina.

 01 . I. F. O. (Identified Flying Object)
02 . Runaway
03 . Heart Be Still
04 . I Won't Give Up
05 . Vote, Baby, Vote
06 . Two Clouds Above Nine
07 . Electric Shock

Infinity Within - 1992

08 . I Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer
09 . Fuddy Duddy Judge
10 . Pussycat Meow
11 . Thank You Everyday
12 . Rubber Lover
13 . Come On In, The Dreams Are Fine
14 . Love Is Everything - (bonus track)


Even though the ratings of this album were not as good as the first album and it did not sell as many, my personal opinion is that their music got better and better. Instead of giving us a similar album to the first, they gave us something brand new. I remember listening to this album all summer long. I must have sang along to the music so many times that the lyrics are still somewhere in my subconcious. The aspect I really loved about the new album was that Deee-Lite had concentrated on two things: their messages and romance. The messages they gave included protection of the nature, safe sex, and voting. One such song, "I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through a Hole in the Ozone Layer" received the British Environmental Media Award. In my view, the last track of the album Love is Everything is among the best romantic songs ever made on earth.

In a way, this album divided Deee-Lite fans in two: those who appreciated them for giving messages and showing us their romantic sides (like me) and those that just didn't get it. Moreover, this is also why many people think that the only song Deee-Lite made was Groove is in the Heart. Most people never even listened to Infinity Within and have no clue what they missed. I really don't care what critics wrote and how many stars they gave this album. In my view, it was a masterpeice.

The only video made from this album (unless there was one I never got to see)  was of the song Runaway, which became a number 1 dance hit. The video revolves around the band members hitchiking and then flying over the crop circles with the car. Things to watch out for in the video are the karate moves of Jungle D.J. Towa Towa (now called Towa "Towa" Tei) and the leopard outfit of Super D.J. Dmitry Brill (umbrella included). Needless to say, the best part of the video is that we finally get to see Lady Miss Kier close up in a video. I always thought that she was gorgeous and this video undoubtadely proved me right. From that moment on Lady Kier (called Lady Kier Kirby in the album info) became my dream girl and I was happy in a way that they were not extremely popular because that meant there weren't millions of others dreaming of her. On a side note, the end of the video comprimises the song I.F.O. in which Arrested Development supply the raps.


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