Deee-Liteful Experience

A Deee-Liteful Experience


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While most people are in dreamland, many stars shine brightly at night. Deep in the heart of the Global Village was a doodlebug named Lady Miss Kier who did her own thing while funkifying the scene.


Meanwhile, Super D.J. Dmitry, aka Sweet Daddy-O or Sugar Dandy, has been riding the new age Power Soul Wave for quite some time. His psychic mixes have joined minds while scratching the universal itch into a World Clique.


At the same time, different place, Jungle D.J. Towa Towa has been finding rare Sampladelic relics, scooping loops and perfecting his technological Wizardry. Entranced by the musical revolutions into the Garden of Deee-Lite, the three groov-nicks were destined to ...

Bump into each other. Thus, the Holographic Groove Sound was accurately created and introduced to all. Hello... It's Groove O'clock! Three different cultures unifying in the age of communication, zoomed them to the realm of holographic Cos-groove.


With this groovy entrance and their first album entitled World Clique, Deee-Lite entered the music world in 1990. In this album they gave us deeegroovy songs like Good Beat, Power of Love, What is Love?, and their groundbreaking treasure Groove is in the Heart. At the time the album came out, I was living in Turkey, having returned from living in New York City for four years. Back then, none of the private television and radio channels that exist today had been formed. Needless to say, we had no music video channels, such as MTV, and radio broadcasts of foreign music were limited to very commercial music. Music CDs were almost non-existent, and only albums produced by record labels which had representatives in Turkey were being released. The only exposure I got of Deee-Lite was in a foreign music program which was being prepared in the Netherlands and being broadcasted on Turkish Radio and Television Channel 3, once a week. However, we did have one popular teen music magazine called Blue Jean, which would give certain things like Deee-Lite posters and stickers. Luckily, my father would travel to New York on official meetings at times and it was through him that I was able to obtain my copy of World Clique. This album, and the others that followed, were never released in Turkey. So for me, World Clique was a very valuable album and I only lent it to one girl in my class, which was my way of showing that I was cool and groovy guy.

01 . Deee-Lite Theme - (bonus track)
02 . Good Beat
03 . Power Of Love
04 . Try Me On... I'm Very You
05 . Smile On
06 . What Is Love?

World Clique - 1990

07 . World Clique
08 . E.S.P.
09 . Groove Is In The Heart
10 . Who Was That?
11 . Deep Ending
12 . Build The Bridge - (bonus track)


The first video made by Deee-Lite was of Groove is in the Heart. It was a colorful psychadelic video with people having a good time and showing that groove was really in the heart. It also featured background vocals by Bootsy Collins and rap from Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest).


Shortly after, Deee-Lite gave us their second video, Power of Love. It was once again a colorful video, but this time there were less people around and it focused more on the band members. We got a chance to see the lovely Lady Miss Kier in all sorts of costumes. The video revolved around a flowery setting with windows for us to see Super D.J. Dmitry and Jungle D.J. Towa Towa with their instruments. In the later parts of the video we got to see some dance moves from Lady Kier and the dancers.


Their third video Good Beat was less colorful: mostly black, white, green, blue, and yellow. It was set in a club atmosphere and included a beginning where the band members took the elevator to get to the club and look bored. This was my favorite song from the World Clique album (especially the lyrics) and the alterations made for the video were excellent. I was very happy that they made a video of this song.

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